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MFG specializes in Architectural Precast Concrete, Pier Caps, Keystones, Door & Window Arches, Precast Sills, Concrete Sills and Decorative Designed Quoins, cut from various stone products. We serve some of the largest builders and masonry companies within the Ontario region and understand their precast concrete requirements. Each of our products are individually machined down to give that natural look and feel. We ‘rock-face’ our products by hand, thereby making our products such as keystone, pier caps and windowsills have the natural-stone look.

Traditional Pier Caps

MFG specialize in Pier Caps having a standard depth of 3 inches with length and width produced with either standard or customized sizes. Our traditional Pier caps are available with two types of finishing: Rock- Face and Smooth Face. We Rock-face our Products by hand, hence achieving the natural- stone look. Moreover, our smooth face products are individually machined down for accuracy and clean finishing. Traditional Pier Caps are available in two different shades Standard Gray and Smooth White Precast.

New White Pier Caps

Our New White Pier Caps are produced within our factory with a special blend of white cement, sand and aggregates that offers a clean and clear white finishing with the feel and look of limestone. The unique blend of inputs which are of the highest quality, ensures our product achieves the appealing limestone feel and look but at more affordable pricing with exceptional strength and durability. The New White Caps come with a standard depth of 3 inches and customizable length and width. Our products are individually finished and can also be rock-faced by hands to achieve natural-stone look.


Arches can be manufactured in different sizes. We cut our Arches from Arriscraft concrete stones, which can be assembled on site to form a complete arch. We customize our arches as per our customer’s requirement, for example it can come with or without legs as specified in the picture.


Keystones comes in different designs and are available in different sizes. We usually cut our Keystones from Standard Arriscraft stones which comes with a fix depth of 3.5 inches. Our Keystones comes in standard gray colour with smooth finishing.

Custom Designs

Custom Designs includes variety of products that we cut from Standard Arriscraft stones. For instance, Corners, Arch Surrounds, Detail Blocks, Imposts, Scored Quoins or Arches and many more.
Customized designs also include products that we manufacture from concrete mix, such as standard windowsills, banding, wall coping, headers and so on. These customized products usually comes with a standard depth of 3” either Rock- Faced or Smooth faced. Colour options include Standard Grey and Smooth White precast shade.

Address Stones

Address Stones comes with a standard depth of 3 inches, but length and width can be customized to customer needs. We engrave numbers, letters, and any design that you bring our way. Our Address stones comes in two different shades Standard Grey and Smooth White precast.

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